I’m Arunjay Katakam and I believe inclusion is the stepping stone to solving our biggest challenges.

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social justice
climate disaster
Arunjay Katakam is a global thought leader and sought-after speaker on a mission to bring greater inclusion to the world. A global citizen, he is an experiencedserial entrepreneur and author who has seen what happens when the system failsthose who need it most.
Our economic system is broken. Let’s fix it.

It’s no surprise to read that capitalism isn’t working for everyone. Never before has there been sucha huge disparity in wealth. The disconnect between the richest and poorest in our global society hasnever been more extreme.

The economic system is broken. But now, with the shift COVID has brought about and a rise incollective consciousness about social, economic and racial inequality, we’re now awake to the opportunity for change. It’s down to us to take it. Inclusion is the answer.

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“I’m on a mission to raise our collective consciousness; to learn, educate, and rally a tribe who will join my mission for progression.”
Arunjay Katakam
Reimagining our world: an economic system that includes everyone
What would our world look like if we started all over again? Capitalism, as we know it, hasn’t worked. Despit huge technological change, humanprogress has remained relatively static over the last 50 years. And with a global pandemic, some suggest we’re taking a step back.

In this book, Arunjay argues that rather than a threat, the pandemic offers a golden opportunity to build upon an unprecedented adoption of technology, a risein collective consciousness and a chance to reimagine our world better.
The Power of Micro Money Transfers: A Practical Guide To Becoming A Highly Profitable Money
This book explains why micro money transfers matter, the impact they have on peoples’ wellbeing, and the importance of transparency in an industry riddled with “confusion” pricing.​ It also outlines how the future of micro money transfers will develop, and how additional financial services can be layered on top to welcome the underserved into the formal financial system.

Finally, this book provides money transfer operators with a blueprint on how to pivot your business model and future proof your business.

A bold thinker

Arunjay is a bold thinker, who can imagine the future, whilst creating immediate value in the present.  He has a longstanding commitment to make the world a better place.
Yasmina McCarthy, Former Head of Mobile for Development, GSMA
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