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I believe the more we know about a topic the deeper our understanding can be. I’ve pulled together some of the best resources for you to enjoy. If you find something you think is worth sharing, let me know.


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The Power of Micro Money Transfers: A Practical Guide To Becoming A Highly Profitable Money

Why do micro money transfers matter? In this book we discuss the impact they have on peoples’ wellbeing, and the importance of transparency in an industry riddled with “confusion” pricing.​ It also outlines how the future of micro money transfers will develop, and how additional financial services can be layered on top to welcome the underserved into the formal financial system.


Reimagining our world: an economic system that includes everyone

What would our world look like if we started all over again? Neoliberal capitalism hasn’t worked. Despite huge technological change, human progress has remained relatively static over the last 50 years. And with a global pandemic, some suggest we’re taking a step back.

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