AdminBusters review

I have been using AdminBusters since October 2020, and it has been a life saver. As someone who despises admin, lots of tasks fester at a bottom of my list.

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I started using AdminBusters to re-negotiate our broadband, after Virgin Media moved us from £30 to £45 per month and told my wife we were on the best deal when she called them. AdminBusters got it down to £29 a month for an 18 month period. A savings of £192 per year.

We then moved on to look at our energy supplier, where they saved us another £200+ per year. At this point they were more than paying for themselves and I started using them for absolutely everything I could think of.

BA: We were booked to travel in December. In August BA told us our flight was cancelled, and I thought great since we aren't going anyway. One week before our flight, BA send us an email saying get ready to fly... and all I had to do was forward that email to AdminBusters vs having to call BA and stay on hold for ages.

The icing on the cake was in February when our heating packed up on the coldest day of the year (as boilers tend to) and British Gas, with whom we had HomeCare cover were on strike. We incurred a bill of £1,207! We were told at best we might get back half the amount. AdminBusters contacted British Gas, and handled the entire claim, within four weeks we received a full refund.

AdminBusters is a great service for anyone who recognises the value of their time.

Note: I have opted out of referral credit, simply because I have already experienced so much value that I don't need any incentive to spread the word.