The Power of Micro Money Transfers

Remittances, like most dominant financial services, penalise the poor—while sending large amounts of money cross-border is relatively cheap, small transactions incur huge fees. As a result, many people don’t send small sums of money, instead save up to make monthly transactions. On average, a Mexican migrant remits ~$300 13 times a year; but back home, imagine the cash crunch in between ‘paydays’. $20 goes a long way towards staples like airtime, food and utilities. More frequent transactions can have a profound impact on smoothing out income and allowing impoverished households to better save, plan, invest and grow.

This book explains why micro money transfers matter, the impact they have on peoples’ wellbeing, and the importance of transparency in an industry riddled with “confusion” pricing.

It also outlines how the future of micro money transfers will develop, and how additional financial services can be layered on top to welcome the underserved into the formal financial system. Finally, this book provides money transfer operators with a blueprint on how to pivot your business model and future proof your business.

Ben Lyon, CEO Hover, former co-founder of Kopo Kopo

Arunjay tells it like it is, and money transfer businesses would do well to listen. In a time of increasing uncertainty and regulatory headwinds, operators need a quick, pointed kick in the right direction.This book is that kick

Nika Naghavi, Director of Data & Insights, GSMA Mobile Money

I trust that this book will inform and inspire many fintechs and traditional remittance providers around the world and help them to put the building blocks in place for a much-needed digital revolution in remittances space

Hayden Simmons, Market Strategy, Novi – Facebook

Arunjay is a masterful storyteller, weaving together deep industry expertise, data-driven insights and fascinating anecdotes to not just bring readers up to speed, but to plot a course forward that is well-informed, compelling and certain to bridge a flagging industry to the forefront of mobile financial services. A must-read for money transfer operators - rookies and pros alike

Daniel Shi, Director, Strategic Partnerships – Remitly

Arunjay has excellent insights into the money transfer industry. This book provides readers a comprehensive understanding of the current money transfer landscape. It’s a helpful roadmap in thinking through new opportunities and challenges in an ever changing space.

Maijid Moujaled, Co-Founder & President at Chipper Cash

Arunjay has a remarkable ability to break down complex concepts into actionable insights. All the pieces are in place and this book is your blueprint to bringing these pieces together and usher humanity into the next wave of global digital payments

Richard Leftley, Founder & CEO - MicroEnsure

People working away from home face huge risks and buying insurance when sending money home makes so much sense; yet people do not.This book starts to unpack why that may be and looks at models that may finally work in this final frontier for insurers

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The Power Of Micro Money Transfers