Trickle-down economics has failed.
There is a better way. And it’s called Inclusion.

There, I said it. We've known for a long time the system hasn't worked. My life's work so far was dedicated to opening banking to millions more. Yet, even this didn't bring inclusion. It's time to flip the script.Our economic system is broken. Following the global financial crisis in 2008, it was clear. Yes, modern capitalism has lifted many out of poverty. But it has come at a grave cost. Environmental, social and inequality. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few while wages and living standards fall for billions.The answer is not looking back to socialism or communism. The answer is looking forward to a new economic system. That system is called Inclusivism.The global pandemic has given us an opportunity. Thanks to technology, there is a rise in collective consciousness. No longer can social injustice, inequality and economic suffering continue. It's up to us not to waste it.

Neither you nor I, nor any government or leader will solve poverty. We all need to solve poverty. And racial inequality. And climate change. And social injustice. So let’s get started.

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I'm fed up with our system. It works for some, but not for others. It's time we had a new system that works for everyone... and not just the few. Though we left the feudal system centuries ago, its characteristics stay with us today. The COVID pandemic has given us an opportunity—it’s up to us not to waste it. Humanity is currently in a race between catastrophe and consciousness. We seem hell bent on burning our planet. I'm on a mission to raise our collective consciousness; to learn, educate, and rally a tribe who will join my mission for progression. We've been at a tipping point for too long, and it is time for consciousness to triumph. Only by raising our consciousness on a personal and collective level will we finally be ready to tackle the challenge of inclusivity. But it all starts with consciousness. And it also starts with YOU. This isn't a journey for everyone. And it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. But if you care about changing the world, then this adventure is for you.
Change starts here. Are you in?

You may be expecting a rallying cry where I suggest manning the barricades and taking the fight to the powers that be. Not quite. There are plenty of groups who subscribe to this approach. I believe raising our individual and collective consciousness is the real key to change - and joining our group offers you simple and powerful steps towards that goal.This is not a group for activists. We’re not here to shout. It’s a quiet revolution, driven from within, from a new level of consciousness. Here’s your opportunity to become an inclusivist.  This adventure is for you, join our tribe today, start your journey with the 30-day Raise Your Consciousness Challenge.
What can I do?

As a taster of what you can expect by joining the challenge and highlighted in my book, here are a few ways to get started.
Schedule a “slow down”. Try to become more purposeful with your thoughts and the way you spend your time. When you slow down, you create space. Pull out your diary or calendar and consider how you’re spending your time. Schedule space in your week. Space gives you the opportunity to make the change you want to see in the world.
Break the cycle of financial struggle. Earning a more equitable income is one part of shifting the equation. The fact is the wealthy know how to manage money better. Help break the cycle by increasing your financial knowledge and work on your mindset and belief around money. Most importantly, if you have children, set time aside to teach them about money and finance.
Give some money away. You wouldn’t be where you are today without the help of others. Gratitude is the single biggest thing you can do to make yourself happy and change the world.

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