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Arunjay offers media and journalists a credible, experienced and alternative perspective on our biggest challenges

Need an insightful comment from a credible, experienced entrepreneur and thought leader? Or an alternative voice that cuts through the noise and inspires audiences?
Arunjay is an experienced commentator and contributor who has provided expert comment and has been interviewed by media across a range of specialist subjects.
The author of two books, The Power Of Micro Money Transfers and Reimagining Our World, he regularly speaks on subjects ranging from the concepts of Inclusivism to rising consciousness through to the more technical subjects of global finance and micropayments.
Why journalists rely on Arunjay

- Arunjay offers a truly global perspective and alternative viewpoint to traditional thinking
- Arunjay breaks down highly technical concepts in technology and finance in ways that general readers understand
- Arunjay's goal is inspiring action. His message is positive, engaging and energising, regardless of his audience
- From building and mentoring Fintech startups to working with the Gates Foundation, Arunjay has credibility and experience in the real world to share
- Don’t wait days for a comment. Arunjay is reliable and responsive to deadlines and short timelines
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A remarkable ability

Arunjay has a remarkable ability to break down complex concepts into actionable insights.
Maijid Moujaled, Co-Founder & President at Chipper Cash
Reimagining our world: an economic system that includes everyone
Trickle-down economics or tricked by economics? In his latest book,
Arunjay argues that capitalism isn’t working and we need to
proactively shift our consciousness if we’re going to reimagine
a better world that tackles the ultimate challenge: inclusion.
The Power Of Micro Money Transfers
Arunjay uses his deep knowledge of the international finance and
micro-payments industry to blow apart the disadvantage for poor
households who rely on small, cross-border payments. In this
groundbreaking book, he sets out a blueprint for the money
transfer industry to become more transparent and fair to those
who most need it.
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